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Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and their teachers from Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Italy, Estonia, Finland and Switzerland have been using free of charge for teaching and learning at home for 18 years.

A donation of 10 from schools whose teachers and students use for teaching would be nice.

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To learn ...

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Learning regardless of time and place. Enjoy the sun and relax adding fractions in the hammock ...

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An appealing learning environment, self-explanatory operation, meaningful feedback and appropriate help. Learning becomes child's play ...

To learn ...

whatever you want

You can safely put an eraser, pencil and set protractor aside. Measure angles and draw angles, you don't need more than a tablet ...

The successful, didactic concept of

The three-step "Visualize - Practice - Understand" as the basis for successful mathematics learning


Visualize is based on the findings of J. Bruner. He is convinced that the three levels of representation 'enactive-iconic-symbolic' are of central importance for learning mathematical facts.

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Effective and supportive


Exercises for effective practice on are based on didactic principles, such as those described by H. W. Heymann. Targeted help and adaptive feedback enable frustration-free and independent learning.

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Active and in-depth learning


Tasks on consolidate basic skills and knowledge. They promote understanding and are suitable for differentiating and individualizing learning processes.

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Scientific basis and awards is based on scientific research and has received several awards.

Dissertation - scientific basis supports and promotes successful mathematics learning

  • Developed for mathematics lessons at middle schools, secondary schools and high schools
  • matching the curricula of all countries
  • Targeted assistance and feedback enable self-directed learning
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Excellent quality

  • digita 2016: was nominated for the German Educational Media Prize.
  • OPERA Award 2016: Nomination for the Open Educational Resources Award
  • Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2014: "... high didactic and media quality."
  • European educational media award eureleA 2014: Nomination as "Award for best practice example in the field of e-learning".
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Cooperations with ...

In 2004 one of the most important collaborations in the history of began - the collaboration with GeoGebra. More precisely, the fantastic collaboration with Markus Hohenwarter, the ingenious developer of GeoGebra. The quality of the dynamic illustrations on is largely due to GeoGebra.

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Over a period of more than seven years, in collaboration with Dr. Diesel from lehrer-online has numerous teaching examples that show in a special way the possibilities of interactive dynamic worksheets for teaching practice.

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  • We have had several tablet trains at our school for years. My colleagues and I use the interactive exercises from realmath with great success, as the playful, very well thought-out, descriptive exercise examples are very beneficial for deepening and consolidating our learning content. We looked around the net and couldn't find a better math site.
    Josef Winkler, Oswald von Wolkenstein Middle School in Brixen, Italy.
  • Realmath is a future-oriented learning tool for schoolchildren. With a high school class from grades 6 - 8 I almost didn't do any more lessons, but instead let the students learn in realmath on their own. The students were so enthusiastic that they even worked through the holidays. In the regular study of learning status, my class was by far the one with the highest average value across Hamburg. I also achieved great success with these students at competitions. I had several national winners at the Maths Olympiad and with the whole class mostly high prizes at the Kangaroo of Mathematics.
    Manfred Schulz, Former policy advisor for 'Education in the Digital World' in Hamburg - Part 1
  • The realmath website is an ingenious learning environment for self-directed learning in mathematics. Especially the point system and the immediate feedback on success or failure support the motivation for self-learning. However, accompanying, supportive measures are also required by the teacher. In the meantime, these students have graduated from high school. Many of them are studying mathematics, mechanical engineering and computer science. Realmath took away their fear of mathematics and got them excited about this subject.
    Manfred Schulz, Former policy advisor for 'Education in the Digital World' in Hamburg - Part 2
  • Last Thursday we had parents' conference and there was only one topic: When can our children finally start with realmath. We are pleased that we have only received positive approval for the process so far. With around 650 students, this can only be done one by one. This afternoon I created the class page for the 9th grade 'A course' with my colleague Mr Wehr. Thank you for your offer so that we can email you exercises that you can then post on realmath. At work this afternoon we were pleased to see on the highscore list how many students are ready to work on Sunday.
    Franz-Karl Weber, Blumensteinschule Wildeck, Part 1
  • That coincides with what I was allowed to experience on Thursday in class 7 'C-course' when I came into class. The students got up and a student said: 'Thank you very much, Mr Weber, math is finally fun'. I would like to pass this thank you on to you, it's a shame that you weren't there. I am currently working intensively on evaluating the results. It is becoming more and more evident that with the help of your program, students with learning difficulties can be discovered at an early stage and then intensively promoted individually. In my opinion, this is the main reason why the parents at our school react so positively.
    Franz-Karl Weber, Blumensteinschule Wildeck, Part 2
  • For many years I have been a regular visitor to your ingenious mathematics page. So far you have made my work in my secondary school a lot easier with your sensational side. Also today again in a substitute hour. I'm just going with the students on their fantastic side and the kids can practice perfectly. Weaker, but also very good students will always find the right 'food' with you. My wife at a state secondary school also swears by your side. And I know also from my son, who is currently writing his Abitur exam, that high school students also use this page very often to practice
    Marcus Helber, St. Bonaventura Realschule Dillingen
  • I am a math teacher at a grammar school and I go very regularly with my classes to the school PC rooms to teach my students independently and interactively with their exercises from permit. This is always a great success, the students love this type of teaching and it leads to great results. I think your website is absolutely forward-looking !!!!
    Rebecca Goga
  • I am a math teacher at the Ratsgymnasium in Minden and, like many of my colleagues, use the offers on very often. We have had laptop classes for many years, use netcloud - soon i-serv - and other digital support offers for our lessons.
    Tobias Oder, Ratsgymnasium Minden
  • As a mathematics teacher at a Bavarian secondary school, I would like to thank you for your fantastic performance. was and has become a valuable part of math lessons for me and my colleagues.
    Martin Prechtl, Realschule Freilassing

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