Practice effectively

Exercises on are based on didactic principles, such as those described by H. W. Heymann. In his opinion exercises are particularly effective, if e.g.

  • understanding for sense and necessity of practicing is awakened,
  • methods of efficient practicing are taught and practiced,
  • opportunities are given to discover strengths and weaknesses in learning, and advice is given on how to deal with these,
  • exercises are organized in such a way that students can recognize their own progress,
  • shorter exercises are done more frequently than long uninterrupted practice in one piece,
  • varying the form of the exercises to prevent premature fatigue and loss of interest.

Highscore lists

One of the highlights of practicing on are the highscore lists. Learners receive points for the correct solution of a task. These can then be saved in highscore lists. This additional motivation cannot be overestimated. Every learner can see his position within the school but also worldwide.
Teachers at a school thus receive additional feedback on the work of their student.


Example 1: Calculating with fractions

Example 2: Order of natural numbers

Example 3: Binomial formulas