Chronicle of


1998 - 2003

In 1998 the first interactive pages are created in the context of my mathematics lessons at the Staatliche Realschule Vohenstrauß. With my appointment as seminar teacher for mathematics and the change to the Hans-Scholl-Realschule in Weiden i.d.OPf. the scope expands. At the computer fair in the region, the school gets its own booth. Here, students from my classes present the interactive worksheets to the public for the first time. The response is overwhelming. With the appointment as second Realschulkonrektor, the change to the Sophie-Scholl-Realschule in Weiden i.d.OPf. takes place. Now begins a dynamic development ... is launched.

04.02.2004: launched replaces the previous mathematics site on t-online. Illustrations are initially still based on EUKLID-DynaGeo. The first interactive worksheets on fractions met with such a great response from students that the first tasks on other topics quickly followed.

August 2004: realmath forum

After only half a year, the number of requests to use increased. Therefore, a freely available forum was integrated into Currently, this forum contains more than 230 articles on more than 70 topics.

2005: and GeoGebra

The probably decisive turning point in the development of is based on the outstanding cooperation with Markus Hohenwarter. During this time GeoGebra and form a symbiotic unit. Markus is a brilliant software developer, who immediately takes up and implements all my ideas and all my wishes for the development of GeoGebra. During this time, among other things, the Javascript connection is created. This gives the development of interactive dynamic worksheets the face we know today.

2006: realmath-Wiki

The realmath-wiki supplements and expands the offer of The realmath-wiki is meant to be a supplement to the website Every teacher who uses in class can create learning paths for his or her students, give hints on how to work or give exercises as homework. In the meantime, teachers from more than one hundred schools use this free additional offer on

2007: Teacher pages

Teachers' own lesson plans are documented on special teacher pages. Interested teachers can get suggestions for their own lessons or download teaching material - such as worksheets in pdf format.

2009 PhD

In August 2006 I started a very fruitful cooperation of almost three years with Prof. Dr. Thomas Weth at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. He accompanied my doctorate as my thesis advisor. Many conversations and the work during this time significantly influenced the development of During this time, the didactic three-step approach was developed, which still characterizes today. Illustrate - Practice - Understand. The dissertation was completed in April 2009. The dissertation on will be published as a book.

2011 1,000 worksheets

The offer continues to grow. In the meantime, worksheets can be found on all topics of mathematics teaching at secondary level I.

04.02.2014: 10th birthday

Constantly increasing access numbers meanwhile make a website that is used in classrooms throughout German-speaking Europe.

2014 - 2016: Awards receives the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2014 and is nominated for the eureleA 2014. is nominated for the digita 2016 and the opera-award 2016.

2017: 1,600 worksheets

The range of materials continues to grow.

2018: Schools and

122 schools use the realmath-wiki, 103 schools use the school's own highscore list.

2020: The planned end of

Actually, should go off the net on August 01, 2020. But in times of Corona and distance learning it seemed necessary not to realize this plan.

01.08.2021: is smart gets a contemporary outfit. The presentation on smartphones and tablets sets standards.

03.09.2021: 2,100 worksheets

The offer now covers all mathematics lessons in lower secondary level.
150 schools use the school's own high score list.